No Overhead Fundraising Ideas

Published: 05th September 2011
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Fundraising with little to no overhead costs seems like an impossible mission. However, there are quite a few different ways to make money for a group or organization at almost no cost. Anything that can be collected and turned in for money is good for raising funds. Cans, bottles, cell phones, ink cartridges and more can be recycled, which not only helps the organization raising money, but helps our environment as well. Other ideas include raffles and prom-dress sales, both of which are popular for large groups. Selling items through the use of brochures is a common fundraiser because there is no overhead.
Recycle Cell Phones
Donated cell phones are a great way to raise money and help the environment. Cell phone collection bins may be set out to provide a convenient drop-off location for donations. A list of qualifying cell phones for recycling is available from
Recycling Printer Cartridges
Collection bins may be set out for donations and then an organization may recycle the cartridges for money. A list of qualifying ink cartridges for recycling is available from the
50/50 Raffle
For large events or groups, suggests, "there's hardly an easier or cheaper fundraiser than a 50/50 raffle." Simply sell raffle tickets for a few dollars each and then hold a raffle. The winner gets half and the organization gets half the money raised.
Prom Dress Sale
Prom-dress fundraisers are popular among high-school girls and their parents. In Martinsville, Virginia, "local teenagers lined up . . . for a chance to find the perfect prom dress without spending a fortune," says Debbie Hall, staff writer for the "Martinsville Bulletin." If an organization can collect many donated prom dresses, it is easy to sell them for $25 to $35 apiece during prom season in March through May each year.
HopeVote Shopping Fundraiser
When a group signs up with HopeVote, shopping becomes a fundraiser for schools and causes at no extra cost. Proceeds from every purchase add to the fundraiser.
Go Green Fundraiser
A popular type of fundraiser is the brochure fundraiser because there are no upfront costs. One such fundraiser is the Go Green Fundraiser, where environmentally friendly products are sold to earn money. Little evergreen trees, which encourage the planting of trees, are a popular purchase from Go Green. Go Green will provide everything necessary for the sale and up to 55 percent of the profits go to the group or organization.
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